Thursday, January 20, 2011

Club Project: Recycled Project (3rd & 4th Wave)

Our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara had successfully organised two waves of Recycled Projects on 9 January at Asia Height Apartment and 16 January 2011 at Halaman Kristal Apartment.

 Same as previous, we had collected recyclable items from the residents and sent to recycled center. These projects were successfully organised with the support from own club members and other Leo Clubs members, such as Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis; Georgetown City; Union High School; Chung Ling High School; and Chung Hwa Confucian High School. In total we had raised a sum of RM800 from these recyclable items.
The organising chairpersons for these two waves of Recycled Projects were Leo Loh Ee Ling (3rd Wave) and Leo Chan Wai Loon (4th Wave).
Two waves of recycled projects...
6 members from Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis came all the way to give support to our Recycled Project!
Just like a rubbish area!
Group photo with all the Leo members and friends! This was the 3rd wave at Asia Height Apartment!
On the morning of 16 January, we started to collect recyclable items. Our sister club President - Leo Darrel from Kuching, Leo Club of Swinburne Sarawak attended this project too.
After the differentiation of the items, we sent those items to recycled center.
Take a shot with all the members and helpers.
We managed to carry out two waves of Recycled Project in this month, and yeah, we shall take a break and move on to other club projects. Stay tune!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Club Activity: Leos Go Green Commander

On the evening of 19 December 2010, our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara and some other Leos had taken part in the Penang Chingay Parade. This Parade is an annual street parade held in Penang. Today, the parade has evolved into a massive multi-cultural and international event.

Following of the shinning result of Leo Day M.A.D. Eco Parade, we have been invited by Penang State Government to participate in this parade as Leos Go Green Commander, where we need to parade in go green eco costumes.

The parade started at Padang Brown at 7.30pm and passed through Datuk Keramat Road, Penang Road, Burma Road, Transfer Road, Sri Bahari Road, Chulia Street, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and Light Street and ended at the Esplanade.
Starting to prepare the costumes before the parade.
The costumes have ready, and we are ready to go! 1st VDG Shawn Lee had also joined us in the parade too!
We have to march for a distance and call the public to be more eco-friendly.
Our self-made eco-awareness cardboards!!!
The group photo with all the Leo members!
 Our go green eco costumes and shout-outs had successfully attracted the eyes of public and created our Leo Club's awareness in environmental friendly campaign.

Monday, December 20, 2010

District Project: M.A.D. Eco Parade & Fiesta (International Leo Day)

On 4th and 5th December 2010, we were glad to have the M.A.D Eco Parade & Fiesta at Penang Times Square, and this event was organised in conjunction with International Leo Day.

We as Leos, we had gathered at there to celebrate Malaysia Leo Clubs 40 Years in Service. For these two days of events, we have M.A.D. Eco Parade, Leo Exhibition, Flea Market, and to grace more, we have the Children Colouring Contest, Kids Talents Quest, and Street Dance Competition. In addition, we have carried out an eco-based event, with no plastic at all. From here, we had made a difference and be there to encourage the public to save our mother nature.

This event was organised and headed by Leo Kim Kek Teong from Leo Club of George Town Mutiara and other Leos from Region 1 in Penang.

Our Leo Exhibition board, to let public know what Leo Club is all about!
Our club booth sales on egg tarts and pastries for club fundraising.
On 5th December 2010, we had the M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Eco Parade at Times Square, on 9am.
A bunch of energetic Leos, in the mission of creating eco-awareness!
Our club's three eco-costumes - Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
The parade had created a huge impact on eco-awareness, as the parade went through the heart of city in Penang.
Leo Club of George Town Mutiara's members and the Leo's big flag (chingay).
Our club and sister club from Leo Club of Sacred Heart High School together with 1st VDG Shawn Lee, 2nd VDG Tan Swee Kok, PDG Dato' Khoo, Lion Tina Tan, DC Alan Thoo and RCC Ong.
 Together, we shall move forward, make a difference and serve the community!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Club Project: Mutiara Cup Bowling Competition

On 28 November 2010, our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara had carried out Mutiara Cup Bowling Competition. This competition, Mutiara Cup has always been our Leo Club annual club project, and the winner for the competition will keep the Mutiara Cup trophy for a year.

Mutiara Cup Bowling Competition, which organised by Leo Carine Yeoh, was carried out on 9.30am to 1pm, at Penang Bowl Centre. There were 8 teams participated in this event, and the teams were from Penang Omega Leo Clubs and Lions Club. The competition started at 10.00am and ended at 12.30pm. The players played hard, and not forget to have fellowship with other clubs too.
Yeah, the bowling competition is going to start soon!!!
Let us rock and roll!!!
The Leo Clubs team, which consisted from Leo Club of Ipoh Unity, Georgetown City and Chung Hwa Confucian High School.
Some Lions did join us too, who are from Lions Club of Georgetown Central and Penang Centennial.
The Lions fought hard and won the Champion for this Mutiara Cup Bowling Competition.
The Top Bowler trophy was won by Leo Francis Tan, from Leo Club of Ipoh Unity. Congratulation!!!
A group photo with all the participants!!!
We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who attended and gave the support! Hope you guys did enjoy during the whole competition!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Club Project: Recycled Project - 2nd Wave

Our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara had carried out another wave of Recycled Project on 14 November 2010, at Halaman Kristal. We had collected recyclable items from the residents and sent to recycled center. This project was successfully organised with the support from own club members and other Leo Clubs members.

A special thanks to Leo Club of Georgetown City, Leo Club of Union High School, Leo Club of Chung Hwa Confucian High School and friends who attended and gave support to this project. Not to forgotten, thanks to our Sponsoring Lions Club President, Lion Tina and 1st VDG Shawn Lee who dropped by and witnessed this project too.

The organising chairperson for this Recycled Project - 2nd Wave was Leo Janet Wong Li Ting.

Rolling the photos...
We went to house by house to collect the recyclable items from the residents.
We even collected CPU and television too.
Started to differentiate the items into groups.
This grouping process was not easy, as we took nearly two hours to finish all of them.
A group photo with all the Leo Clubs members and friends.
1st VDG Shawn Lee came by and gave his greeting to the Leos there.
After that, we sent all the collected items to recycled center.
Our club president Leo Elisa Ang and Organising Chairperson for this project, Leo Janet Wong. We have made a thank you card to Halaman Krystal for their contribution and support to our previous Recycled Projects.
 Without you guys, this project will not be such a success! Our next date for the 3rd Wave of Recycled Project will be on 16 January 2010!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Club Project: "Service Without Borders" Deepavali Celebration

On 31 October 2010, our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara had organised another community service project, which the title is - "Service Without Borders" Deepavali Celebration. The objective of this project is to provide our Leo service to poor families without discriminate to any race or religion, and celebrate their festival together with our Leo Club members.

On the day itself, we gave our Leo service to a poor Indian family: Ms. Pathma (single mother), Anthony (3rd child) and Victoria (youngest child). We brought them to several places and offered their first time experience in their life. The whole trip was truly meaningful as it brought a memorable pre-celebration for the family's Deepavali Day. In overall, we had brought them for breakfast at McDonald Sungai Dua; a sharing experience and tutorial session for the kids; shopping for necessity goods at Tesco; lunch at Boston Restaurant; play-time at Youth Park and prayer session at Hindu Temple Youth Park. In addition, we had donated a book shelf and some books for the kids too.

The Organising Chairperson for this project was Leo Teh Khai Tzong. A total of 10 members had attended and participated in this meaningful project. Other attendances were: 1st VDG Shawn Lee, RCC Ong Lai Peng, Lion Tina, Lion Gertrude, Lion Mark and 1st DVP Leo Ch'ng Kok Sheng.

This project was successfully organised, with the sponsorship and contribution from Lions, Leos and public.

Now, let the photos bring you all to the journey of "Service Without Borders"!
The journey started at around 9am, and we had breakfast together with the family at McDonald Sungai Dua.
We paid a visit to the family and gave a tutorial session for the kids. Anthony is the 3rd child for Ms. Pathma.
The youngest child's name is Victoria. Both of the kids are so adorable!
A sharing and chit-chat session with the family.
We had donated a book shelf, two study tables and some books for the family too.
Next, we brought them to Tesco hypermarket and bought necessity goods. In the mean time, the mother Ms. Pathma taught the kids on how to shop and purchase goods wisely.
A purchase for new school shoe as well.
Thanks to Lion Tina and Lion Gertrude who stopped by and witnessed this meaningful project.
Had lunch at Boston Restaurant, together with 1st VDG Shawn Lee.
Play time session at Youth Park!!!
GTM members show their L-O-V-E to the community!!!
A group photo at the Youth Park before headed out to Hindu Temple Youth Park.
We went back at around 6pm and we had a memorable experience with the family together.

We are here, as GTMers, to provide our Leo service to community without discriminate any race or religion! Roar!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Club Project: Building Bridges 2

Our Leo Club of George Town Mutiara had carried out Building Bridges 2 service project, on 17 October 2010, at Penang Road Platform Bridge, in collaboration with the help from Municipal Council of Penang Island. This project "Building Bridges" was initially organised by our Leo Club and we had adopted the bridge as our Leo Club's one year term service project. It was endorsed and fully supported by Penang State Government and Municipal Council of Penang Island.

On that day itself, we had planted mini trees and plants at our adopted garden which located under the platform bridge. A total of 11 members had attended and gave support to this project.

The organising chairperson for this project was Leo Jesyca Leong.

Jom, let's see the photos, will ya?

For the first step, we need to dig some holes on the ground.
Dig dig dig!!! Even our Leo President Elisa gave her energy on digging part too!!!
Next, we need to plan mini trees into the holes
Arranging the plants properly...
Our Sponsoring Lions Club President Lion Tina also attended and gave support to this project too!
During this project, we have planted 30 mini trees on our adopted garden.
Lastly, water all the mini trees, where the water was provided by Municipal Council of Penang Island.
That's all folks, Building Bridges 2 has been successfully organised!!!

Stay tune, our club will initiate another Building Bridges 3 in next 4 months! Roar!